How Does The Process Work

Program Format

The YBLN Budding Entrepreneurs Program would take place over a 6-week period commencing from 3rd  September – 16th October 2016. The program will feature academic and personal development content. Subsequently, continuous capacity building, free business advisory support, mentorship and networking opportunities would be offered to participants. 

Site Visits

Experiential learning is a key component of this residential program and as a result, participants will visit the business and operational sites of some of Nigeria’s biggest, most successful or most promising enterprises. Trips would also be made to corporate offices where they will have the opportunity to test their knowledge with hands on practical tests. Core business skills such as supply chain management, product packaging and delivery, manufacturing, procurement and storage management would be taught during these instructor led visits.

Community Service

Another essential component of the program is community service. Learning the importance of giving back to the community and how it helps communities grow and flourish. It is also a means of empowering others and sharing what was learnt and skills acquired. Participants would provide their service and time free of charge to the selected communities.

Leadership Training

At the heart of the program is training a new cadre of responsible leaders that would in turn help lead their respective communities out of poverty and the unemployment cycle. Specific leadership, coaching, mentoring and reorientation would be emphasized throughout the duration of the program.

Team Work

Participants will acquire skills as well as learn and practice the importance of team work. Individuals will be divided into groups, be given tasks as teams and also live as flat mates. Close attention would be paid to the best teams and flat mate.